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Demonstrate your commitment to improving performance and enhancing patient safety.

A healthcare organisation’s reputation rests on patient safety and security, so we understand that your priority is providing quality care. ISO certification can help you streamline your organisation’s operations and protect your patient’s confidential information.

The benefits of ISO standards

ISO 9001 will give your healthcare organisation the strategic tools it needs to gain a competitive advantage through safe, reliable and trustworthy products and services.
It can also help you access new markets too — both nationally and internationally — as it is recognised internationally as the world’s most widely adopted Quality Management System (QMS).
Implementing a quality management system is the best way to enhance patient safety and provide patient-centered care.
ISO 27001 certification will give your customers the confidence that your organisation has the necessary controls in place to protect their sensitive personally-identifiable information (PII).
Certification will help you to implement systems and policies that prioritise the security of the data you hold, minimising the risk of data breaches and damage to your reputation.